An Overview of the inflections API

Rails-like inflections for Clojure.


by Roman Scherer
Detailed API documentation
Rails-like inflections for Clojure.

user> (use 'inflections)
user> (pluralize "word")
user> (pluralize "virus")
user> (singularize "apples")
user> (singularize "octopi")
user> (underscore "puni-puni")
user> (ordinalize "52")
user> (capitalize "clojure")
Public variables and functions: add-irregular camelize capitalize dasherize delete-irregular demodulize foreign-key hyphenize irregular! irregular? normalize ordinalize parameterize plural! pluralize reset-irregular-words! reset-plural-rules! reset-singular-rules! reset-uncountable-words! singular! singularize uncountable! uncountable? underscore

Variables and functions in inflections.irregular: add-irregular delete-irregular irregular! irregular? reset-irregular-words!

Variables and functions in inflections.plural: plural! pluralize reset-plural-rules!

Variables and functions in inflections.rules: reset-rules! slurp-rules

Variables and functions in inflections.singular: reset-singular-rules! singular! singularize

Variables and functions in inflections.transform: camelize capitalize dasherize demodulize foreign-key hyphenize normalize ordinalize parameterize underscore

Variables and functions in inflections.uncountable: reset-uncountable-words! uncountable! uncountable?
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